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Hey I am so glad you found me and are taking the time to look through my site so a little bit about me.

My name is Dean and I live in a little seaside town near Colchester Essex.

I have been shooting photography for as long as can remember.  I love adventure and travel so wherever I am in the world I’ve always got my camera with me, but people are my passion.  I love capturing people especially during their wedding day, the happiest day of their life, a new beginning together.

I could go on forever about why I love photography and why I do it but the fact is it is a real passion of mine.  I enjoy every moment of it and I hope I can carry on shooting for ever. The best bit about it is I get to do this all with my best friend, my wife.

 We are a team, we both love photography and adventure.  Our dream wedding to shoot is at #Disneyworld Florida!!!  Can you imagine how magical this would be, to be surrounded by your child hood memories and being at the happiest place on earth.  And not to mention the shots we could get of you both, awesome does not come close to describing it.

 This is why we decided to also cover destination weddings.


 We understand it is easier to find a photographer and get to know them at home than just to trust a random never met photographer in another country. If you wish to discuss your destination wedding then please contact us to discuss your day but hey that is enough about us.  Thank you!

Tel: 07889093172

Email: info@deanpaulphotography.co.uk

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